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Seafood Wholesale

Bornstein Seafood
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9 Portway Street, Astoria
Seafood has been the Bornstein family way of life for generations. For over seventy years Bornstein Seafoods has committed to providing the finest quality seafood products available.
Fishhawk Fisheries, Inc.
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100 4th St. Astoria, OR 97103
Fishhawk Fisheries watches like a hawk for fishing vessels to come to port. The Oregon-based company has operations in Astoria, Oregon, and Kenai, Alaska. It processes wild-caught sturgeon, tuna, salmon, shrimp, and other seafood items which it purchases from the the fishermen on those vessels. It packages and ships its canned seafood products for distribution to retail and foodservice throughout the lower 48 US states. It also buys salmon from the State of Oregon.
Northwest Wild Products
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354 Industry St. Astoria West Mooring Basin
We are a family owned retail and wholesale fish market. All of our fresh seafood is local, wild and caught by fisherman from our community. We also offer exotic meats, delicious prepared foods, bait, shipping, custom filleting and vacuum packing services.

Selling seafood to many local restaurants and markets, and are proud to offer casual outdoor dockside dining overlooking the West Mooring Basin and beautiful Columbia River. Hours 9am - 6pm Daily
Salmon for All, Inc.
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P. O. Box 56 Astoria, OR 97103
Salmon for All is committed to the following goals:

* Supporting conservation. We advocate for seasons that support fisheries while working within impacts derived for ESA listed stocks. Viable fisheries, in turn, provide advocacy regarding conservation and environmental issues affecting salmon. Multiple user groups and stakeholders have an obligation to serve as advocates for salmon. All have value. No user group should bear a disproportionate share of the conservation burden.

* Supporting sustainability. We are committed to balancing market needs against run sizes and other user needs to achieve sustainable fisheries.

* Supporting consumer access to fresh local salmon and sturgeon. Because many regional and national residents do not partake directly in the harvest of fisheries resources on the Columbia River, we are committed to providing access by making our products available to them.

* Supporting community-based employment. We believe in supporting and retaining the infrastructure and employment patterns of fishing communities through training of crews, stability of fleet and community, expansion of markets, and advocacy for viable family-wage incomes.

* Recognizing the historic rights of legacy fisheries. This includes recognizing the importance of tribal harvest and the gillnet fleet, as well as the role played by long-term traditional family-based occupations and marine cultures in establishing community identity, community stability and community health.

* Recognizing the complex nature of fishing businesses centered on the Columbia River. We support using the Columbia River fish resources as a "magnet" for income from other fisheries outside the area as a means for retaining and enhancing the economic benefits to depressed rural communities.
Skipanon Brand
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Located along the Skipanon River in Warrenton.
We have two generations of fishermen in the family and are still operating one of only a few canneries left on the Oregon Coast.

Whether it's from our boat, The Cape Windy, or other local fishermen, all of our seafood is locally caught and we assure a quality product. We are dedicated to making sure you taste the difference, so you will enjoy sharing it with friends and family.

Our story is a fish tale filled with history and love.
It's one we're proud to share with you.

Sold at various location in Astoria/Warrenton area and through out the state Oregon. In Astoria you can find us at; Astoria Column, Coast Guard Exchange, Country Crafters, Finn Ware, Home Bakery, Pier 39, Columbia River Maritime Museum
Also check for us at The River People Farmers Market is held from 3pm-7pm in the Astoria Indoor Garden Supply lot, at 1343 Duane Street www.riverpeoplemarket.org
and Astoria Sunday Market 10 am - 3 pm May 13 - Oct 14, 2012 http://astoriasundaymarket.com/
Liberty Theater