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The Liberty Theater

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Opening night, 1925. Photo courtesy by The Compleat Photographer

The Liberty Theater opened in 1925. A Style F "Special" Wurlitzer, opus 949, was shipped from the factory in November 1924. The "Special" designation was due to the addition of a marimba and piano.

In 1930, the organ was removed and sold to the Mayan Theater in Denver, Colorado. This disagrees with the Judd Walton opus lists which indicate 1926 as the removal date.

The inscription here was found on the empty organ chamber wall during a recent rennovation of the theater.
It is 2-3 feet long, written with heavy black pencil. Photo courtesy Larry Bryant.

Commercial Street, c.1930s

Commercial Street, c.1953. Liberty Theater on right.

In 1945, the organ was sold to R.C. & Edith Maddy of Denver. It was removed over the course of three years and eventually installed in their home.

In the mid-1930's, another Wurlitzer was installed at the Liberty Theater. It was the 2/4 Style B from the Astoria Theater. It remained there until 1954 when it was purchased by Bill Blunk.

Liberty Theater